I Won’t Be A Widow

Adam was an English teacher; his life had been pretty boring since he started working, and he walked the same path every single day in order to go to teach. Because of this, he didn’t pay much attention to what happened around him, but in this case, something happened.


Those were the words that some workers screamed to a group of young women; they were at the entrance of an old school that was abandoned. Adam stopped, the situation was completely odd.

-You won’t demolish this, you bastards! I won’t become a widow!

-Lady! The school is abandoned, your husband isn’t there, can’t you comprehend?

-You’re the one who doesn’t comprehend! I won’t go away!

Adam saw the school was in a dread condition, windows broken, dust everywhere, and dead plants. No one wasn’t there, it was impossible to believe someone could be inside, and what struck him the most was the fact that the ladies talked as if their husbands were the school itself. Adam thought he would get really late at class but he remained there; very curious because of what might happen. The ladies’ expression was violent; they were ready to die if the workers were to demolish the abandoned school. They were attached to it, and nobody was able to move them, not even death. Adam quivered a little, because he has never seen such firmness in anyone he has met before.

He continued walking, shivering a little, with the images of that protest remaining in his head. He had to walk around ten minutes to get to his job. When he got to the first corner, he saw an old friend of his who sold used books. His friend saw his face and he knew what was going on inside Adam’s mind.

-You saw it, right? –He asked.

-What? –Asked Adam, relaxed.

-You know, those ladies, don’t you know the story? It’s been around since years ago. I think they should demolish that school, no one can stand those ladies there anymore, they are insane.

Adam felt curiosity, the curiosity that just an odd situation as that one can produce.

-What happened? Do you know the story? –Asked Adam.

-Well, my guy, to be honest, it’s just a story that has been modified by rumors ever since years ago. But, I must admit, there’s a strange feature that transforms it into a really weird one.

Adam heard him, intrigued.

-Years ago, it was confirmed the school was going to close; everyone was happy because of it, it used to be a huge school, a well-known one in the country, I tell you. And so it did, it closed, but the very next day a young woman ran there, knocking the doors, and screaming her husband was there.

-How so? –Asked Adam.

-She claimed her husband never went out, and he was still inside. It was said that the same woman left with a vague glance and a nervous expression, she knew something was wrong there. Somehow she managed to get in and she never came back either. The rest is just a repetition.

-You mean… The rest of the women claimed the same? –Asked Adam.

-Yes, and you know what’s the strangest thing? Their husbands are disappeared, all of us believed they were crazy, but no one has found any sort of trace of their husbands in the entire country.

Adam didn’t reply, he opened his eyes surprised, with his heart beating fast, feeling real danger near him. He said: “Good bye”, and went to his job.

During the entire class he got weird thoughts and ideas that just curiosity can justify; being a skeptical man made him a little bit stronger, but there was something in here that challenged his beliefs, and he was ready to find out what was happening.

When he left his job, he walked fast towards the abandoned school. There was an alley right next to it, so he decided to go there, and silently jump the wall. He fell in the school’s backyard, and once he touched the floor, he felt a strange and malignant presence around him. He started shaking. He could swear a lot of people were looking at him at the same time.

He started walking towards the hallway, where he found several doors, with abandoned classrooms, where the decks were piled up as old notebooks no one used. Every step he gave struck his ears and was heard in the entire school. The school was small, there were just two hallways and the principal’s office. He got near the second hallway but he felt himself trembling; he believed that there was someone looking at him from the door’s window, and the darkness inside help him discover that checking every room was not going to be a good idea.

Nevertheless, he still had the principal’s office, and the closer he got, the more scared he was. There was a huge mystery around what happened in that school, but when he opened the door, he finally discovered what everyone feared, but he wasn’t going to live to tell the truth.

Several bodies were attached to the walls, they were mixed with the bricks, and their blood painted the walls; they belonged to the school that was still alive, because Adam felt in his ears everyone’s heartbeat, as a tick tack that will never stop. Adam closed his eyes, and felt the curse where he was in, while his skin was ripped apart, and nailed to the wall, letting him know that it was the beginning of the end.

-Help! –He mumbled, but no one could hear him.


Several weeks elapsed, and Adam’s friend was still selling books, and he hear the ladies screaming: “I won’t be a widow!” at the school’s entrance.

-Oh not again… -He said.

But he felt certain heaviness and surprise around his chest when he turned around to see, because Adam’s wife had joined the crowd, claiming, with tears in her eyes: “I won’t be a widow!”