Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery

It had been a long day for Jake and he was tired. This was his last pizza delivery of the day andit was almost 11 p.m.He had been standing on the doorstep of an old looking house for the past five minutes with no answer. He knocked quite forcefully and the door swung open on its own. Jake asked out loud if someone was home but got no answer, he stepped inside and with a loud sound the door shut behind him.

He forgot all about the pizza, unintentionally dropped it on the floor and charged towards the door, it was stuck as it someone had pushed its hinges into the wall. He looked around the house, it was pretty old. He could barely see anything as it was dark, the house was huge it had a lot of rooms including a cellar. There was a red door in front of him, he opened it and found a lamp in there. Now he was able to see a little bit. He was trying to find an exit.

There was no other door than the main one which was stuck, so he went upstairs and opened the first door he saw. There was a big upside-down cross hanging on the wall and there were human bones on the floor. This was the moment when he freaked out and saw there was a table beside him which had a note on it. “I can help you”, and,written fresh with blood, “Go to the cellar to escape”, on the back side of the note. Jake started searching for the cellar immediately, he heard a little boy crying.

By following the noise, he reached the seller and he could hear the boy crying loud and clear now from the cellar. As soon as he stepped on the stairs his lamp turned off and the noise stopped coming. It was completely dark now and he was scared to death. He started hearing more people crying and went down further but there was no one. Suddenly a woman covered in blood came in front of him and said, “You’re one of us now” while crying.

He ran upstairs but the door closed to his face on its own. As he started knocking the door forcefully while shouting, someone touched the back of his shoulder.He jumped violently and looked behind. There was the boy who was crying, he whispered “as long as we’re in the cellar, she can’t hurt us”.  “what are you doing here? How did you end up here and who is she?” said Jake? “I took my dog for a walk and he went in this house. Help me, I’m scared” whimpered Tom (the boy).

Jake promised to him that he will get him out of here. “Now tell me who is she?” whispered Jake. “I am not sure what she is but she’s not a human, she never lets anyone out”. Jake asked him everything he knew about her. “She is out there on daytime but goes somewhere else at night, we have to be extremely quiet because she hears everything.” Tom has been there for a few days now, noticed a lot about her. She is scared of light and does not come out of the house. Tom told him that they have to reach the roof to get out of here alive.

The house had 5 floors, they had to go to the top. Jake had a watch; they waited till midnight and opened the cellar’s door. They took their shoes off and went upstairs on the second floor. They went in the first room where Jake saw the note and closed the door. They were stuck in that house with no food or water, Jake decided to go to the next floor every night. He fell asleep while tom was still awake. It was 3 am when Tom woke up.Jake and told him there is someone outside. He looked under the door, there was someone standing right infront of it. Jake was about to ask who it was but Tom shushed him before he could. “Weare only safe in the cellar,” whispered Tom. They did not do anything about it, someone kept standing for ten minutes straight.

After ten minutes, someone started pounding the door with full force. They both froze to death; it was deafeningly loud, but suddenly it stopped and whoever it was went away. “She knows we’re here, she might be coming for us right now,” said Tom. They both ran downstairs as fast as possible, when they were almost close to the cellar, a loud demonic voice started coming all over the house, and things started to move on their own in the house, but they reached the cellar. “I thought we were quiet enough” said Jake. “We were but she found us, our only chance is that we run to the top before she finds us,” wailedTom.

They waited another day in the cellar, Jake was starving to death, but Tom still seemed normal even though he has been in the here before Jake. It was finally midnight again; they went out of the cellar again and rushed upstairs. They were on the third floor when that demonic voice came again. “Hurry she found us!” criedTom.

Something suddenly pushed them downstairs again to the first floor.They were hurt, but they went upstairs again. The demonic voice got louder, glass around them was shattering. Jake went in the same room and took the cross out. They were running upstairs and the demon itself came in front of them. It was a woman with scars on her face, blood dripping from her eyes and mouth. As Jake raised his arms holding the cross in front of her, she started burning.This stopped her, they passed her and went further up.

They reached top floor Jake opened the door that lead to the roof, Jake got out in the light Tom was about to, but something pulled him back in. Jake was safe now.He could have escaped, but he went back in to save Tom. When he went in it was all quiet, he could not see Tom but kept shouting his name. He went to the third floor and saw tom lying on the floor. He picked him up and ran upstairs. There was an upside-down cross bulging on Tom’s forehead. He immediately threw him down and the door to the roof closed.He tried to open it but it was stuck, just like the main door. Tom woke up. “Are you okay?” asked Jake.

“I’m fine,” said Tom in a demonic voice. His face started bleeding he turned into something inhuman. At that moment Jake realized that Tom was the demon all this time.