The Haunted Hospital

Jason woke up with a sudden gush of pain down his leg. As his vision cleared, he wondered where he was and saw the windscreen glass all around him. It all came back to him now; how they had run off the road and into a tree. The bonnet of the car was completely crushed and smoke was coming out from the header.

Jason turned his head and looked at his mate. It seemed as he had taken the worst of it. There was a deep wound on his head and the blood was still gushing from it. Alarmed at the amount of blood, Jason forgot everything else and struggled to get out of the car. The door was stuck but after a few hard pushes, he was able to get out.

He pulled his phone out of his jeans’ pocket to call for help. It was completely crushed. Not knowing what to do, he ran, shouting for help, hoping someone would hear. Don’t worry Andrew. I’ll fetch help. He kept going. For how long? He knew not. He stopped when he caught sight of a building. It was a hospital by the looks of it. That’s odd, he thought. I don’t remember seeing it before when we were coming this way.

Now was not the time for second thoughts. Andrew needed help urgently. He ran inside shouting, “Somebody help!” but stopped short in his tracks. There was no one at the reception. There was no one around anywhere. Jason’s eyes roamed at the white all around him. Not a spot was to be seen on the white floor, or the walls.

He went a little way further and said, “Hello? Is anybody there?”

He went inside a ward. It appeared that patients were lying on the hospital beds, with their bodies covered in cloth. Thinking he could ask one of them for directions, he went to a bed and said, “Excuse me?” he pulled the cloth off the face and immediately jumped back in alarm. It was a dead body, which was decayed and maggots were feeding upon it. He gagged at the rotting smell and figured that he shouldn’t disrespect the dead and thus cover it once again.

He came near him and reached for the cloth. The body turned its head sharply and grabbed Jason’s wrist. He gave a yell when he saw that its face was inches away from him. He freed his hand with a jerk and ran to the door, looking behind to see the body. To his surprise, it was gone. Could it be…that I’m imagining all this? Maybe I hit my head too hard.

He continued walking and saw a nurse up front. She was pushing a trolley of medical supplies towards the surgery room. Relieved, he shouted, “Excuse me!”. The nurse stopped in her tracks. Jason made his way towards her. Halfway there, the nurse turned her head towards him. Her green eyes stared at him. Her head kept on turning and Jason stopped in his tracks. With the sound of bones crackling, her head turned towards him fully, eyes locked. Until, to his horror, it was completely turned and she was staring at him with dead eyes.

Jason’s body was paralyzed with fear. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and dripped down his chin. He was unable to move a muscle, unable to scream. The nurse’s eyes opened wider apart, till it seemed that the eyeballs would fall out. Her mouth began to hand open and with the sound of bones crackling, her body began to deform. Her knees bended inhumanely. Whatever was before him…was not human.

With an inhumane voice, it screamed, it’s voice dense, as it made its way towards him. Jason screamed and ran towards a store room, going inside, he locked it. He balled up into a corner and sat down, shaking in fear. He saw that his end was near. Something was wrong with this hospital…and something was lurking outside…something demonic.

Jason calculated in his head, how far the entrance gate was. If he made a run for it…would he be able to make it. It was still better than waiting for his death, so he got up. Opening the door by just an inch, he looked outside. The hallway was empty.

Jason stepped outside and ran towards the way he had come. He kept on running and running, until he was out of breath. He looked up and gasped. He was in front of the storeroom, right where he started. Something was messing with him. He held his head and screamed, “What do you want from me???”

His voice echoed all around him. Suddenly, the lights began to flicker, and at the end of the hallway, he saw a tall figure. He couldn’t see who he was but he didn’t want to find out, so he ran. He looked behind to see that the figure was nearer. Jason increased his pace and pushed himself to run as fast as he could. Every time he looked behind; the figure was nearer.

Jason reached the reception area. There was a woman on the phone there now. Jason neared her and said, “Help me! It’s coming after me!”

The lady was motionless. He looked carefully at her. Her eyes had an insane expression in there, staring into empty space. She looked alive but was frozen like a statue. Her mouth was spread wide into a horrible grin. Jason backed away in horror. The exit was right in front of him. He ran outside and didn’t look back. He just kept on running. After a few hours, he made it to a town nearby, where he went to the police station and told what happened to him in the hospital. No one believed him, of course, but they sent out a search party. Andrew’s body was never found, neither the hospital building, no matter how much they searched. In the end, they branded Jason as ‘mentally unstable’. He was completely shaken up by the incident. It left him damaged for life.