The Letters

The letters

“The family member found dead before midnight celebration. Police investigate his case and meanwhile discovers three more murders in the town by the new year. The dark secrets are discovered while investigating the murders. And the story ends unpredictably when the police department finally comes to know who the murderer is”

It was 24th of December. The whole Roberts family was busy this evening for the preparation of the Christmas Eve. After all it is Santa Clarita, Christmas is celebrated here as it is something much more than a festival, it’s like an emotion to the people of here!

‘Hey, don’t you wish to join us for the shopping dear?’ asked Martha Roberts, wife of Justin Roberts.

‘No, this is all the same every year, you are going purchase gifts and few other stuffs for the family and the friends who will be invited tonight for the party, and then they are all going to do the same by exchanging the gifts and then dancing and enjoying the party and having fun till the midnight and then celebrating the Christmas and all the same….! Replied Justin.

‘Okay, fine I’ll go with Jonas and Barbara then, you stay home alone!’ said Martha.

‘Yeah we would love joining you mom, after all Christmas comes once in a year why should not we celebrate it?’ interrupted Jonas, son of Justin and Martha.

‘Yes, I too will join you guys for the shopping, we can have fun together, like a family time.’ Barbara joined the conversation.

‘See! You still don’t wish to join us dear? Think again, it will be fun’. Martha trying to convince Justin.

‘Okay fine, you guys always do that I know you very well. I don’t have any other option let’s go’. Replied Justin.

The whole family went together for the shopping this evening, having a great time together they returned back home before the party starts as they were the one who throws the Christmas party every year.

‘Wow, just look at those lightening mom, who did this after all? They are really wonderful’ asked Barbara.

Martha stared at those lights all around the streets for a while, those colorful lights rolled all over the street lamps and covering the roof tops of the houses. And those Christmas trees in the balcony covered with bells and lights on them. This all was like a perfect Christmas eve she thought, everyone in the neighborhood were getting ready for the party and excited for sharing their gifts as a ritual to be followed every year.

‘Yes. This is all so much wonderful dear, I wonder who could decorate it so beautifully!’ Replied Martha.

‘Let’s move inside, it’s just an hour left for the party to get started. Don’t you all have to prepare the food items and decorate the interior of the house?’ Asked Justin.

‘Ah, yes of course we have to! Why not, common kids let’s get to the work. I will bake few items for the meal tonight and meanwhile you take care of the lights and the decoration part. And yes Justin, you have to decorate the Christmas tree, I already have it ready in the hall, you just have to clean it and then decorate it. You understand that?’ Martha said.

‘Yes, I do’. Replied Justin.

All were busy with their works, and finally the guests started to arrive and join the party. Martha stayed at the main door to welcome all the visitors.

‘Hello Edna, how are you? It’s been long since we met!’ Martha started to greet people joining the party.

Apart from their neighbors there were also the relatives from the town in their party! They all gathered together and greeted each other. All the basic things which comes to one’s mind while a party were observed at the Robert’s house tonight. They danced, played games, share their gifts to each other, of course with the word of not opening them before the Eve or at least not before tomorrow! But one knows how much they can control themselves from not opening the gift.


‘Jonas, will you please get a drink for Mrs. Janice?’ asked Martha to Jonas.

‘Just a minute mom and I will be there.’ Jonas replied.

‘Here you go with your drinks mom, have fun!’ said Jonas.

‘Thanks dear.’

‘Jonas is growing old, dark and handsome to be honest.’ Said Mrs. Janice to Martha.

‘Ah, yes he is. Kids grow up soon, it does not take much time, this all just happens with the flow! And we keep looking at them.’ Martha replied.

‘Yes, Barbara is too growing up, she doesn’t looks like Jonas’ younger sister, to be honest they both looks of the same age, more like the twins I mean!’ Said Janice.

‘Well, she looks so, I agree to that’. Martha replied chuckling a little.

Meanwhile Barbara went upstairs to get some more wine for the guests. And all of the sudden she noticed Justin laying down on the floor and a broken glass of the wine with all the wine spread on the floor beside him. She freaked out staring at him for the first time, anyhow she went nearby him breathing heavily and tried to wake him up.

‘Dad? Dad! Are you okay, what happened?’ saying so she tried to move Justin a little.

But while she noticed that Justin did not gave a single response as she lifted his hand, he simply allowed her to lift it! The body was dumb! Looking at this she totally freaked out and screamed out loudly! Listening to her scream Martha and Jonas rushed upstairs and also few other members at the party joined them!

Martha rushed towards Justin’s body along with Jonas.

‘Hey, Justin are you fine, what happened?’ saying so she tried to wake him up. But no response he gave at all. They lifted his body inside the bedroom thinking he might have fainted, because of more drinking. They tried a lot but Justin gave no response at all. Jonas checked his nerves and suddenly noticed that Justin was not breathing at all.

‘Mom, dad’s not breathing at all, what do we do now?’ said Jonas.

Someone from the guest suggested, ‘We should call the police, after all we have a dead body in front of us.’

‘No, he is not dead yet, not breathing does not make him dead after all!’ said Jonas.

‘Oh, so what do you think makes a person dead? Apart from not breathing?’ said the man among the guest.

‘Really? You wish to see him dead!’ Jonas replied with a little anger.

‘No I mean we should take any instant action, we just can’t stay here simply talking about him or trying to wake him up!’ said the guest.

‘Wait I shall call the ambulance, meanwhile you keep trying to wake him up.’ Martha replied.

Martha called the ambulance and it was there within few minutes.

The team of doctors from the ambulance rushed up and after checking Justin for a while they all of the sudden stated, ‘we are sorry, he is no more alive!’ you’ve lost him. Sorry for your lose Mrs.

‘What? How can you state his death so easily, have you even checked it thoroughly? Check him once again, we will hospitalize him immediately if necessary but you can’t just state him dead this way doctor!’ Martha shouted a little.

‘We are extremely sorry mam, but we already did all that was possible, the patient is no longer breathing, it seems like a heart attack or something he had has chocked his heart.’ Replied the doctor politely.

‘What do you mean by something choked his heart? He had nothing but the homemade cookies and some wine. Which all of us present here are having.’ Martha replied.

‘I don’t know but it seems like a powerful drug, which usually makes a person sleep for hours but if taken more amount, can also make once heart choke, and lead to death! And that’s what happened to your husband’ the doctor said.

‘But why would he do that? He never takes such type of pills or any kind of the drug!’ Martha replied.

‘That’s not our job to find out what made him do that, or if someone made him do that. That is something which the police does.’ Said the doctor.

Saying so, the team of doctor left.

‘Who could have done this? There is no chance for Justin to drug himself or do anything as stupid as taking the sleeping drug with a high dose. Someone might have done this, for prank or for any reason else! Anyone who have done this may come forward, no matter if he/she tried it as a prank, but I’ll not hand over the person to the police.’ Martha shouted with a little high pitch in her tone.

Suddenly the murmuring started among the guests present in the hall. Who can do this? More than who, why would somebody do that?

After a little long conversation while nobody stepped forward to agree Martha’s term! She decided to inform the police, and let them handle the situation.

As same as the ambulance, police too arrived within a short period of time. They started to investigate everyone personally. No doubt Martha was totally out of his mind thinking for who could have done this? After all the members invited to the part were either friends or neighbors or the relatives.

‘Hello, myself chief inspector Bruce Adams. I wanted to talk to you for a while, can I?’ asked the inspector to Martha.


‘How can you be so sure that someone might have drugged Justin? What if he himself did this?’ asked inspector Bruce curiously.

‘No, way inspector, Justin would never do that! I can bet you on this, this is something that someone has done! Martha replied with confidence.

‘Are you sure? We have seen many similar cases to this, after a certain time period a person no longer wishes to survive, and the situations makes him do this! I mean suicide you know.’ Replied the inspector.

‘No way inspector, why would Justin commit suicide? He has everything, every damn single thing in his life! The family, friends, a good job and what not!’ Martha replied back.

‘Okay if you wish the people around here to be investigated, I won’t mind that, after all it’s my job! Since the doctor said it’s a drug taken in high dose, someone present here might have mixed it in his wine!’ said the inspector.

‘Exactly that’s what I am trying to say.’ Martha agreed.

‘Do you have any unknown person present here in the party? Or anyone whose behavior might have seemed to be weird!’ asked Bruce.

‘No, all of them present here are either friends or the family. I don’t see anybody suspicious here!’ Martha replied.

‘Well, no issue I will ask my men to personally interrogate everyone present here and in the mean time we would like to shift Justin’s body to the laboratory for the further medical reports.’ Said the inspector.

‘Sure’ Martha replied back with tears in her eyes.

In the meantime police started to interrogate everyone present at the party, there were around total 50 members present in the house.  After investigating every one of them, they did not found a single clue from anybody. All of them present in behaved normally as if no one has nothing to do with Justin’s murder. They even looked out for any kind of the drug or pill to be carried along by someone there at the party, but they got nothing in the end! Nothing at all.

It was already midnight and they had no other option but to leave them all and ask them to go back to their respective houses. Even though they knew it, murderer was one among them! They asked all of them not to leave the town until the case is solved and the police may visit their houses any time to investigate. They asked all of them to leave their contact and further address details before leaving the party. After a while they all started to leave, leaving their information to the police, with a murmuring sound among all of them! The weird murmuring sounding more like a talks of solving the case of their own. The faces of all were a little scared ones, as all of them knew that the murderer was one among them, it could be anyone, Mrs. Janice or their husband, or else the guy Richard, who stated the word dead body first among all the other while looking at Justin. It can be anyone, their neighbor Edna Williams or her husband Ben Williams. It could be anyone among them!

All of them separated after a while and police left after having a conversation with Jonas and Martha.

‘I will be back tomorrow morning, and visit few nearby neighbor’s to investigate who were present in the party!’ said Bruce.

‘Okay, no problem inspector.’ Martha replied sobbing.

Saying so the inspector left and Martha along with Jonas and Barbara stayed up all night, thinking about the sudden death of Justin!

Next morning, the inspector waking up early thought to directly visit the Robert’s, without wasting a single minute. He had a cup of his coffee and then all of the sudden his eyes drawn his attention towards the newspaper, a plain white sheet like a cover of the letter was laying between and half out among the pages of it.

He took it out, it was a letter from an unknown person without mentioning the address or the name! He took it out and read it,

Hello inspector,

                   I guess you are not doing so well since the murder of a guy named Justin from the north of the town is confusing you. You need to be active and a lot busy for solving this case, even though you know that the murderer belongs to the same town! And also you know that he was present in the party last night. But let me set your schedule a little bit creepy, I would like to inform you that I am going to commit a murder in the back woods of Costa Brava locality, street number 7, 33/b. Charles butler is my next victim after Justin Roberts. It will be around 9 of the early morning until you will be getting this letter Mr. Bruce Adams. And I am glad to let you know that you only got 5 minutes to save Mr. Butler’s life. Until you will reach Costa Brava all you will be able to observe is a dead body and few member of the family surrounding the body and trying to reach you. With due respect I would like to ask you to save his life if possible, as it is your job to do so! Thank you.

   Your culprit,

The Murderer!

Staring at the letter for a while and breathing a little heavier the inspector placed his cup of coffee aside and rushed towards Costa Brava. Informing his colleague to reach there as soon as possible he drove as fast as he could. Since the locality was a bit far away from his home, it took 15 minutes for him to reach there. Also in the meantime he received a call from the victim’s family that they found him dead in his room.

He reached to the address mentioned in the letter and pressed the doorbell. An old lady opened the door with tears in her eyes and said, ‘Please come inside, have a look at him inspector. I don’t know what happened he was just sleeping up in his room. I knocked the door heavily and still he didn’t gave a response, we thought he might be in a deep sleep but I strike the door plenty of times shouting his name loud and still he gave no response. We had no other option but to knock down the door and hence we did it, we found him dead laying on his bed with three gun shots straight in his chest and then I called you all of the sudden this happened.’ Said the old women.

‘Please stay calm, just breathe long and relax for a while okay. Let me go have a look upstairs.’ Inspector Bruce replied.

He went upstairs, the door lock was broken up and he slowly turned his face inside the room, he saw a dead body covered with a plenty of blood around him and three shots of a gun straight in to his chest.

‘What’s his name?’ asked the inspector.

‘He is Charles, my son.’ Replied the old lady.

‘Charles Butler, right?’

‘Yes, how come you know our last name inspector?’ the lady asked with full of curiosity.

‘I received a letter from the murderer of him, he informed me 20 minutes ago that he is going to commit the murder, but I could do nothing about it, accept of rushing here as soon as possible.’ Said the inspector.

‘What? Do you know who the murderer is? Why didn’t you stopped it, why did you let him die?’ shouted the lady with anger.

‘I was not knowing who the murderer was! I just received the letter, that’s it.’ The inspector replied.

‘Oh my god, who would have done this? Charles was a decent guy and an obedient son too! Why would somebody kill him?’ replied the old women.

‘Did you allowed anyone to go upstairs to his room?’ Bruce asked.

‘No, no nobody has visited the house since the morning, you are the first person.’ Replied the lady.

‘The gun shots are fresh, and also the murderer mentioned the timing of his death, it is just before 10 minutes.

Didn’t you heard any of the gun shots?’ asked Bruce.

‘No, I did not! I hear less but a gunshot if fired, my ears can’t miss that loud noise. No!’ said the lady.

‘Okay, let me have a look in the backyard of the house, I might get something there.’ saying so he went in to the backyard of the house.

Meanwhile is colleague reached the place, and they went to have a look in the backyard!

The window leading to Charles’ room was quite up to climb through, yet the nearby tall ladder showed the way to climb directly to his window and enter the room.

‘Henry, go check any of the fingerprint marks on that ladder.’ Said Bruce.

‘Sure.’ Henry, the colleague of Bruce replied.

‘Yes sir, there are finger print marks here, I am taking them as an evidence.’ Henry replied.

After getting the finger prints they consoled the lady by saying they will soon have the murderer, they left! Bruce asked Henry to drive to the station.

‘Who can do such shitty things inspector Bruce? I mean two murders from last night is something which is happening for the first time in the town!’ asked Henry.

‘I don’t know the name Henry, whoever it is sent me a letter this morning, I received it from my newspaper today. He already told me that he is going to kill Charles butler, he also gave me the address of here. But with a deadline of 5 minutes, as if he already knew it that it’s going to take around 15-20 minutes for me to reach there. I don’t know why would he do so, what exactly is the reason behind the murders he is committing. He is the same guy who killed Justin last night. He mentioned it!’ replied Bruce.

‘Really? He sent a letter to you? That’s crazy, I mean it seems that he is overconfident for the crimes he is committing. Sending a letter and that to a police officer is something that requires utter courage, it’s going to be messy to catch him inspector.’ Replied Henry.

‘I think the same, but wait a minute why are we driving to the station? Aren’t we supposed to visit Robert’s house? Let’s drive in there and since the murderer is same for both the crimes I am sure by matching those finger prints we found in the ladders with those 50 members present in the party last night, is going to be helpful! He was surely present there!’ replied Bruce.

‘Okay then!’ said Henry.

They both went to the Robert’s house, Bruce rang the doorbell and Martha opened it!

‘Come in inspector.’ Said Martha.

I wanted to tell you something Mrs. It’s about the culprit of your husband. He murdered one more guy just an hour go, sending me the letter before killing the victim. He said he is going to kill the victim in next 5 minutes and being a police inspector it’s my responsibility to save him. I reached the place he mentioned and he was already dead by then! We got the finger prints and I am much sure that they are of the culprit’s. And since we know that the culprit was one among the 50 members present in the party last night, I would like to match these finger prints with all those 50 people. We have their personal details.’ Said Bruce.

‘Yeah sure, you have to do that and get the culprit soon. I wish to see him behind the bar’s as soon as possible inspector.’ Martha replied.

‘Of course you will! Soon.’ Bruce consoled Martha.

‘Let’s go Henry, we have lot of members to match those fingerprints with, we must catch him today itself.’ Said Bruce.

Both of them started with the neighbor’s, visiting every possible house as per the address they had and matching the fingerprints of all the members present in the house. Later they also went to those who live a little far away in the town. They matched those fingerprints with all those 50 members present in the party by the end of the day.

‘Sir, don’t you think so this is all going to be a headache? I mean by today morning we were so sure about getting the murderer and closing the case after putting him behind the bars! But we didn’t found a single match with those fingerprints. What are we going to do now? We don’t have a single information about the murderer, except the letter he gave us. Which does not even include his name.’ Henry said.

‘I don’t know, whoever it is, is a cold blooded murderer. I have never seen someone like this who challenge us to stop the crime he is going to commit. We usually see this letter concept in the movies, this is for the first time I am seeing such things I my real life. Think Henry, we are missing something here. What can be the reason of killing such innocent people? I mean, why somebody would do that?’ asked Bruce.

‘They aren’t innocent to the murderer sir! There must be some reason for him to kill those people, we need to find out that reason in order to catch him.’ Henry replied.

‘Yes, we have to. Let me go home and have some rest, I’ll see you tomorrow morning in the office, sharp 9 in the morning.’ Bruce said.

‘Okay, good night.’ Said Henry.

Bruce went back home, thinking and thinking for who the murderer could be and more than that why exactly is he killing people! He reached home and slept.

Next morning we waked up early and after having a cup of his regular cappuccino he pulled his coat from the hanger and as he put in on passing his hand through it, a cover letter fall down from the side pocket. Bending down immediately he picked it up and opened it, it was same as yesterday without the name or the address mentioned in it. He opened the letter.

Hello again inspector,

                           I wonder sometimes thinking about myself that is it me who is so much clever or is it the police department who is way far stupid to understand the moves I play. I left those fingerprints for you guys so that you can match them with those 50 members present in the party and so that you can easily catch me? Seriously…. After getting those fingerprints you dared to try matching them with those members of the party thinking I might be the one who was invited in the party? Common inspector, don’t make my work so much easy, why would I leave my fingerprints if I was the one among the list you have of the members present in the party? Okay fine, leave this apart! Let’s play this for one last time inspector, I am giving you the details of my last crime that I am going to commit. Timothy cooper, westerly Ct 69/t is my next target, I am going to kill him in next few minutes of you are reading this letter. I would again like to request you to save his life, since it is your one and only responsibility to do so.


The murderer.

Throwing the letter away, Bruce immediately called Henry.

‘Henry, reach westerly Ct 69/t right now, I received one more letter he is going to commit the murder, victim is Timothy cooper.’ Said Bruce.

‘Okay, I’ll be right there.’ Replied Henry.

Hanging up the call Bruce rushed there, there was no one at the home this time. He rang the doorbell a lot many times, but while no one opened it he has no other option but to knock down the door. As soon as he knocked it down, he observed a man hanging himself with the rope through the wall ceiling. It seemed like a suicide than a murder but since Bruce already knew that it is going to be a murder he laid the dead body down and meanwhile Henry came there.

‘Henry, call the ambulance, we need to send this body to the laboratory for the forensic reports. It’s not a suicide, even though it looks like!’ said Bruce.

‘Okay’ Henry replied.

Why would he do that? Saying that he is going to commit a murder why would he make it look like a suicide? Bruce thought.

Meanwhile the ambulance came and they took the body for the reports and Bruce and Henry decided to go back to the station.

‘He sent you a letter this morning? Again! It seems like he already knows that we will never be able to catch him and hence he openly challenges us!’ Henry said.

‘Who could he be? What has he to do with all these victims exactly? It does not looks like he enjoys killing people for no reason, of course he has a strong reason to murder all these victims, who exactly is our culprit? Who exactly is the murderer? We have to get him at any damn cost or else we could risk our jobs’ Bruce said.

‘Yes you are right, we can’t let this happen again and again, this is too much now, three murders in past two days and that too with just one guy alone!’ replied Henry.

Cell phone ringing…..

‘Hello, inspector Bruce here.’

‘Hello, inspector, myself Dr. Kevin, you just sent a dead body for the forensic reports which seemed to be the suicide. But let me tell you the truth, the guy was been murdered couple of minutes ago of hanging his body. I mean whoever it is, he killed the victim ruthlessly strangling his neck with his hands and while he stopped breathing he hanged his body with a rope through the ceiling to make it look like a suicide. But it’ a murder inspector.’ Said the doctor.

‘Thanks for confirming doctor, I already received a letter from the murderer that he is going to kill Timothy Cooper, I delivered it to you just for the conformation.’ Bruce replied.

‘Oh, okay! Hope you find him soon. Good luck inspector.’ Doctor said.

‘Thanks doctor.’ Bruce said.

Meanwhile they reached the station. As soon as Bruce opened the door, he noticed a letter placed on his desk. Placed in such a way that nobody can ignore their eyes to take them off! He went nearby and opened it, the same letter it looked like, the one’s he was receiving from past two days.

Dear Bruce,

                I won’t use the word inspector this time since you no longer deserve the status of being called an inspector, not even by me! This is my final letter to you, I already told you about the murders I committed.

I was already sure about that you will never come to the conclusions of this all until it ends. I knew it that you may try to find out the reasons of me being a murderer and killing those people. Yes you were absolutely right inspector, there are reasons for that I killed these guys. Charles butler and Timothy Cooper. Both of them holds the unknown dark pasts. Unknown for all the people of the town but not for you and neither for me! Charles butler was charged for the rape of the young lady last year. You received many letters and mails from the family of the victim but more than that you received plenty of money to your account from the culprit! Hence you left the case unsolved with a new story of fake accusation which was totally fake, and left the guilty free.

Timothy cooper, was charged with a murder of a kid, the kid who just used to play around his lawn and once or twice he sneaked in to his house not for stealthy purpose but just to get back the ball that went through his window inside! He was a pure psycho that he without any second option hanged the kid alive with a rope through the wall ceiling! You also received a lot many requests from the family of the kid, but more than that you received bribe from the culprit in order to save his life from sentencing him to death or life imprisonment after showing him in to the court. But instead you showed an innocent man who was completely unaware of what all was going on, just by offering him a good amount when he returns back from the jail.

You never did your job honestly for which you are to be called as the inspector by the citizens like us.

But I was not the one who could have let that happen, I always wished to show this all up and put you behind the bars for the crimes you committed! But what can I do? You had the power. Since I planned it all

One day. Yes inspector!

What would you do if you want to commit a murder? Will you just simply go and kill the person? So that you can be under the doubt and fear of getting yourself caught by the police! No, inspector no. The greatest fear while committing a murder or killing a person, the culprit have in his mind is of getting caught! And I for no reason could take that risk to get caught after killing three people!

So what else can you do? Let me explain it to you.

You have to fake your own murder in order to commit other murders, yes you have to do it! While you fake your death as a murder, the police stays busy to solve your mystery and to catch the culprit. And in the mean time you can commit the other murders which you wished to do! Police will never ever doubt on a dead man for he can never kill somebody!

Yes, I faked my death as the murder in the beginning, but still I did not committed all those crimes silently, I delivered you those letters to let you know what exactly your status is as a filthy police officer, you can’t do a shit about this. On paper I am a dead man and no warrant could ever be issued by the court to search or look after a dead man! Knowing I am still alive, you can’t do anything to look after me. Did you checked Justin’s dead body after delivering it to the laboratory or did you even handed it over to the family for the funeral? I faked my death by mixing the drug in my own glass of wine. Did you even know about me that I can hold my own breathe for more than 15 minutes? Yes, I did it so that everyone present would believe that I am a dead man!Later that while I was delivered to the laboratory, I ran away after I was placed inside the morgue considered as a human corpse. You know nothing inspector! Nothing at all….

I did what was meant to be done by you in the past, I did it because the town have a filthy cop like you for their safety. I did it what was justice, what exactly was to be done! What exactly is right!

                                                            Your culprit,

                                                            Justin Roberts!