Mystery Of Barbed Wire Ghost

The Mystery Of Barbed Wire Ghost

“That house” The coachman pointed to a blue roof mansion in the corner of the village “ is Mr Joseph’s”.

The blue roof mansion was large,so large that from a mile distance it could easily fool someone to be a royal palace.For a small village such Migrea,that is surrounded by thick forest in south and east and an abandoned construction site in the west,the presence of such mansion felt strange. 

“I should have guessed.” Eric spoke in a quite phonation, partially to himself. “Diana, I didn’t get enough time to read the file. Could you please throw some light on the case.”

It was Diana’s first mission and she was assigned to accompany Eric to solve the mystery of barbed wire ghost.She pulled out a tab from the backpack and started reading the details.

“Mr. Joseph, age 62, height 5.7, unmarried, alcoholic…..”

“Just skip to details of the crime scene” Eric interrupted.

“Alright.So Mr Joseph, was found dead yesterday morning.He was killed by strangling with a barbed wire,moreover his hands were chopped of with some sharp weapon.”

“Hmm!We have some nasty criminal here.” Eric said. 

The coachman turned around and scanned Eric head to toe “Criminal? Aren’t you here to free the ghost?”he asked.

“Of course!We both are exorcists”Eric lied in very calm voice as if he didn’t wanted to answer any further questions.

Eric and Diana were detectives.They were sent by the state to investigate the mystery of barbed wire ghost since there were no exorcist available,every exorcist was busy on some other mission.So instead Eric and Diana were sent.Now there was a problem.The villagers had a firm believe that the main culprit behind the murder was a ghost.Moreover some villagers reported to have seen the ghost.One of them was even attacked and somehow survived.So the villagers had requested for an exorcist to free the evil spirit.As the result Eric and Diana were ordered to solve the case with the camouflage of an exorcist.


“I fear there is scarcity of light for today’s investigation”Eric told Diana.

The sky had turned reddish-blue the time they reached the mansion.A bald and round bellied old man was standing in front of the mansion’s gate.

“My name is Frank Libtz” He said when Eric and Diana stepped down the carriage.“I was Mr Joseph’s servant,If I am not wrong you must the exorcists sent by the state.”

“Yes,we are exorcists.My name is Eric Conway”

“And I am Diana Miller”

“I don’t mean any disrispect but aren’t you very young for exorcism?” Frank asked with a devilish smile on his lips.

To be fair,they were really young.Eric was 25 and it was his fourth mission.Diana was 23 and as already mentioned it was her first.For someone to master exorcism,it takes decades.Everyone knew it.Now Eric was left speechless,he was confused what to say.

“Actually…”Diana replied “….some people are born with exorcism abilities.”

‘It make no sense,but the answer is a good one.’Eric thought as he noticed Frank being satisfied with Diana’s reply.

“I would like to see Joseph’s room.”Eric demanded.

“Yeah sure,please follow me.We all have been waiting for you.”

“WE?” Diana asked.

“Me and the villagers.All the villagers live in deep fear since the day poor woodcutter Alan Baker was attacked in the woods.”

When they entered the house,Eric and Diana were surprised by the grand design of the mansion.Anyone standing outside can guess the mansion being two story.But in reality it was just the ground floor.The ceiling in every room was 40 feet high held strong by a pillar in the center of the room.Compared to other rooms Joseph’s room had an unique difference.There was small opened window on the top of  a wall.Frank noticed Eric’s gaze and replied before Eric even asked.

“Master was addicted to smoking.He smoked day and night.So that small window always remained open.”

“Don’t you ever feared that someone might break in through that window?”Diana queried.

“Never.Our village may be small but people here are rich with love and honesty.”Frank replied in tone as if he was proud to part of this village.

“So Frank,where were you at the time of this incident?”Eric asked without looking at Frank.His eyes were fixed on the top of the wall.At the small open window.

“I was sleeping in my room.”Frank replied.“It is three rooms away from this one.I woke up hearing the screams of the master in the morning.I ran as fast as I could to master’s room.When I reached the gate,it was closed from the inside.You see the doors are very strong and it was impossible for us to break it.By us I mean me and watchman.The screams were still coming from the room.I don’t completely heard what was going on but the master was begging for mercy and was asking the ghost to forgive him.when we were finally successful in entering the room through the window,we found master dead.His dead body was handless and twined with barbed wire.”

“Thank you Frank.Now we would like to perform some…..some  exorcism.Could you wait for us outside.”Eric asked politely.

“As you wish.”Frank replied and left.

“So what do you think.”Eric asked Diana.

“I think the villagers are right,we should call the exorcist.” she replied.

“You really think we have a ghost in play here?”

“Yes,I do.How will you explain the chilliness in this room.The tab shows the temperature of this room has fallen down 15 degrees in last two days.”

“That’s a good point.I would say the reason for temperature drop in this room is rain.It rained here two days ago.”

“How about the unusual scent in the air?”Diana asked without wasting a single moment.

“It’s just the mixed smell of cigar and flower from the garden.”

“okay…!”Diana said while thinking for her next question.“The windows!the windows and the doors were locked from the inside,what about that?”

“Well not all the windows were closed.”Eric pointed to window on the top of wall.

“No way!It’s way too high”

“Not high enough for a person who came to murder someone with a barbed wire.”Erin replied.“You see it is not very hard to climb that high.Once you climb over that ledge…”Eric pointed to the wooden ledge of the lower window“…you can easily climb up and down.”

“I see”Diana said as realization dawned over her face.

Eric and Diana kept investigating for about half an hour.They  searched every section of the room to find something useful but what they get in the end was disappointment.The naive Frank had cleaned the room yearly morning to prepare it for the arrival of exorcists.Eric decided to hold the investigation for tomorrow as the darkness had begin to fill the room.

“Aren’t we gonna see the dead the body?”Diana questioned.

“Nah!There is nothing the dead might answer.”Eric replied.

To Eric and Diana’s surprise Frank was still standing outside the door.As soon as they came near him….

“Is he free,did you freed the ghost?”Frank asked.

Eric and Diana were completely offhanded.Somehow Eric came up with a reply.

“Actually,the spirit is strong tonight.We will have to find the right time to strike.Then only we can free the spirit.”

“Oh,I see.”Frank replied as if he had lost all his hopes.But somehow he managed to force a smile over his face.“For the night you can sleep in the guest room, if you like.”

“ That’s very kind of you Frank but we don’t rest in place that was recently attacked by a spirit.”Eric answered.Diana seemed disappointed by Eric’s response.She would have loved to spend a night in such a grand mansion.

“Then you would love to visit ‘Jimmy’s Inn’ it is the best inn in the village.”


Jimmy’s Inn was really the best in the village.Not for the fact it was astounding but because it was the only Inn in the village.It was small,with only three rooms and a bar.

“You wait here,I will talk to the owner about the room.” Eric told Diana.

Jimmy was heavy build man,Standing behind the bar cleaning a mug.

“You two must be the exorcists from the state.Here for a room or a drink?”Jimmy asked before Eric could say anything.

“A room,please.”Eric answered.

“Only one?”Jimmy looked at Diana standing at the gate scanning the street.“she’s your wife?”

“She….Ah…yes she is.”Eric replied.He thought it would be better not to complicate things further.

“A Duo of make a lovely couple.”Jimmy said twinkly.

“Only one room?”Diana asked Eric when he told her that he has only booked one room.

“So we will sleep in the same room?”Diana asked bashfully.

“Don’t flatter yourself”Eric said mockingly.“I don’t sleep till the case is solved.”

“Wait, what do you mean by don’t flat….”

“Listen to me carefully”Eric interrupted.“Before you go to sleep,lock the windows and the door properly.”


Before Diana could ask anything he turned around and left.


Diana was alone in her room.She was hiding under her bed.Her mother had told her to stay there.Even under the bed She could hear the shouting and the screams from hallway.She could have gone out but she didn’t.Not because her mother told her to stay in the room.The reason was,she was afraid.Too afraid to even look at the door.How long she kept hiding under the bed,she don’t know.All she knew was there was a gunshot and everything went silent.In the silence she build up the courage to walk out of the door.In the hallway there was a river,a river of blood and two dead bodies.Dead bodies of her parents.When she turned her head she noticed there was someone standing in the darkness at the door downstairs.He was facing the street with a gun in his hand.Then he turned back.He looked in her eyes.When she tried to see him properly she discovered he was Eric.

“Wake up”he said.“Wake up”.

When Diana opened her eyes she realized she was dreaming the same dream again.She had been haunted by this dream every night after that horrible day her parents were murdered.

“What happened”she asked half awake.

“A murder”replied Eric.


Many people had gathered at Mr Fox’s house. While some came to give Fox’s eldest son, Andrew, condolences and commiseration. The rest came just to get a hold of some latest news. When Eric figured out who was Andrew, he at once jumped in for investigation.

“Hi, My name is Eric Conway and she is Diana Miller. We heard about your father. We are sorry…”

“You should be. If you had arrived earlier and freed that damned spirit my father would have been alive.” Andrew said. He wasn’t crying. The only expression that one could read from his face was anger and rage. “Now please leave. I don’t want to say anything.”

“Look, we cannot just walk into a village and perform exorcism.” Eric answered. “To perform exorcism and free the spirit we need every information we can get about it. We came here with hope to get something useful here, but if you don’t want to talk then just remember that spirit is out there finding it’s next target and if it hunt down someone else, the people responsible for the murder will not only be us.”

The words seemed to have shaken Andrew from the inside, as the anger and rage was nowhere to be seen on his face. After thinking for a moment he motioned Eric and Diana to follow him into the house.

“Mother, bring two glass of water for the guests.” Andrew said when they entered the house.

“No. Please. Thank you.” Eric noticed that the women Andrew called mother was very old. “Is she your mother?”

“Yes…no actually, she is my grandmother.” Andrew answered. “My mother died when I was born. Since then she has taken care of me, thence I just call her mother sometimes.”

“So Andrew tell me everything about yesterday’s night and today’s morning.” Eric demanded.

“Yesterday night was same as any other night. After having dinner we all went to bed.” Andrew explained. “But in the morning we were woken up by a loud thud at our door. When I opened the door. Luther, was standing in front of me. Luther lives near my farm land. He told me that my crops were on fire. My father told me to gather others. That was the last time I saw him alive. Luther told me he and father were together till they reached the field. Later Luther went to fetch more hands as the crops were catching fire real fast. When Luther arrived, they found father dead. Strangled with barbed wire.”

“Did anyone saw the ghost?” Eric queried.

“Not a single soul. All those were present were focused in putting out the fire.” Andrew responded.

“My son died because he worked for that wicked Joseph.” the old women who was sitting quietly for all this time spoke suddenly. “I told him don’t involve in……”

“mother….” Andrew disrupted.

“What she is talking about?” Eric questioned.

“Nothing important, just old people hearsay.” Andrew replied standing from his chair. “I guess I have told you everything. Now please leave.”


While coming from Fox’s house or we can say now Andrew’s house. Eric started laughing insanely.

“What’s wrong with you? And will you tell me where were you the whole night?” Diana questioned wildly.

“I was investigating.” Eric replied somehow trying to control his laughter.

“Will you be kindly be openhearted and explain to me what you mean?” Diana asked. “Secondly, will you tell me why you didn’t take me along with you on this investigation of yours?”

From the commencement of the mission, Eric had kept the investigation to himself. Yesterday night he went on investigating without even caring to telling. This was driving Diana mad. She felt Eric believed she was useless.

“Alright, you must understand there were many things I wanted to do yesterday night, and I just wanted to do those things alone.” Eric replied, he noticed that Diana was not satisfied with his reply. “Okay! I will tell you everything what I did yesterday night. Yesterday after leaving Jimmy’s Inn, I went back to Joseph’s mansion. I noticed there are only two ways to enter his house. First the front gate. There was a watchman at his gate. No way our ghost could have entered through the front gate. This leaves second option, the garden wall. It is about 15 feet high, plane wall. Impossible to climb. As you have already seen the mansion is surrounded by trees in the south and east. So fortunately, in case of Joseph unfortunately, a broad tree stood tall near the corner of the wall. If one can climb the tree, it’s child’s play to enter the garden. In the garden where I landed, I found footprints.”

“Footprints?” Diana asked surprised.

“I already told you, this is work of some nasty criminal, not a barbed wire ghost.” Eric resolved. “Now these footprints started from the wall and reached the window. Now What confuses me is that, the footprints only indicated someone entering the mansion. Not leaving it. He must had found other way of exit. When I investigated the footprints, I came across these details.” Eric pulled his own tab from his jacket and showed it to Diana.

The information recorded in the tab was-

‘Foot=8.12 inches’

‘Ground force reaction=400 newton’

‘Pressure on the toes=30.39 kg’

‘Pressure on heel=20.59 kg’

“This means…” Eric tried to explained but.

“the ghost we are looking for is 20-25 years old boy, who was trying to sneak into the mansion” Diana completed.

“It took about half an hour to come on that conclusion.” Eric said surprised. “And you took just a minute. Tell me did you really scored 350 out of 350?”

“Yeeesssss? so what?” It seemed her rage was settling down.

Eric stared at Diana widely in the silence for some time.

“And I thought my friends were pulling my leg.” Eric started grinning. “I can’t believe all this time I was with the state topper.”

“So what if I am a state topper? Would you please continue to tell me about your investigation.”

“Oh yeah, I was telling about yesterday’s night. So as I said when I came to know that our ghost is a young fellow, on my tab I filtered the village population stats for age group 20-25. According to the results there are only eleven boys in the village aged 20-25. Then I read about each one of them and I got him.” Eric showed Diana a profile of young boy.

“Alan Baker. what’s special about him……….Wait he is new in the village.”

“That’s right. He came to this village about a month ago and bought a small house here. He is a woodcutter. There is one thing more special about him.”

“There is nothing more!”

“Check the recent activity tab.”

“Oh he’s the one.”

“Yes. He was attacked by the ghost in the wood. His leg got seriously injured in the attack. Some villagers arrived and saved him. Interestingly those villagers saw the ghost. They said he was sitting on a tree and next moment he vanished.”

“Do you think Alan is involved.” Diana queried.

“Actualllyyyyyy. No. I don’t think so. I mean when I first read about Alan I thought he’s the one and that the case is solved. Hence, I went to ask him some questions. He was lying on his bed. An old couple was sitting at his bedside. They were his neighbors. When I told him who I was and why I came here, he happily agreed to cooperate. He answered my many questions and I noticed that the condition of his leg was worse than I thought. There is no way he could have sneakingly entered and climb that window. He told me that he had gone in the forest to chop some wood. He was attacked by the ghost from behind. He also mentioned that the ghost was releasing wire from his body. His story had many plot holes, so a part of me was suspicious about his condition. I thought maybe he is just screwing around. Therefore after leaving, with the help of a villager I went to take look at the place of the incident. It was just on the border of the forest, not too deep. After reaching there I tried to find some clues but the only thing I found was a piece of barbed wire. It was about 2 feet, covered with blood. So I thought……Ah leave it…I was wrong.”

“Still tell me what you thought, I want to know.” Diana called for.

“It was just uumm….I thought….I thought maybe Alan’s leg was wounded by non other than himself.” Eric noticed Diana was smiling. Maybe on his foolishness. “So I went back to Alan’s house and climbed the roof of nearby house. Actually, Alan’s bed is near the window of his room. Therefore, it was easy for me to spy on him from the roof. For whole night I was awake keeping an eye on Alan.”

“For whole night? How did you do that, didn’t you get bored just watching a sleeping man.” Diana asked bewildered.

“When did I said I was just watching a sleeping man?” Eric replied. “To be fair, I was watching movies side by side. I haven’t told you but I have three months NETFLIX subscription.”

“What! you were using tab for entertainment purpose. It’s strictly against the rules.” Diana said, anger again conquering over her face.

“Oh come on! Some rules are meant to be broken.” Eric defended himself. “Moreover I wasn’t just using it for entertainment. I was on a mission to stay awake, and it was helping me to complete it.”

Diana seemed to be unsatisfied by his defense but somehow she calmed herself.

“So as I was saying..” Eric continued. “I spent the whole night on the rooftop. In the morning I heard people shouting in the north. It was the fire in Fox’s field. Alan was still sleeping. I thought the fire to be some kind of distraction for Alan to perform something mischievous. The old couple came in the room, probably to check whether Alan was fine. They sat near him on the bedside. The screams and shouting were increasing every second. So I finally left and ran as fast as I could in direction of the screams. When I reached the field, people were gathered in the corner. They were gathered around the dead body of Fox. This incident proves my theory of Alan being the ghost is wrong. He was in front of my eyes for the whole night. That moment I felt as if I had lost. I was not understanding what to do next. And now, thanks to Fox’s mother, she dropped a very important hint.”

“Fox and Joseph were somehow related.” Diana said, she was finally getting the hold of the situation. “And now we are going for a chat with Frank.”

“Yup….that’s where we are going.”


“Fox? You mean Fox Smith?” Frank inquired when Eric asked him he knew something about Fox. “He was a farmer.”

“I mean….did he ever worked for Joseph.” Eric noted that Frank gave a uneasy expression at his question.

“No, I don’t think so.” frank answered uncomfortably.

“You know something Frank, am I right?” Eric spoke. “And you are not helping us by keeping it a secret.”

“I promised master that I will not speak of it anyone.”

“Frank please, tell us everything clearly.” Diana asked out.

“Alright.” Frank said. After sitting silent for a minute he continued. “Ten years ago, my master wanted to build a luxurious hotel in this village. He believed if he could connect Migrea to southern cities, Adleburg, Teracot and Semperon by paving a road through the forest, the distance of these three cities from railway station will reduce by 30 miles, and Migrea will become a hub of tourists as it is the first village from the station. The only problem was that he even being the richest person in the state was not having enough money for the hotel and clearance of the forest. A friend of his, Henry Washington, was impressed by his ambitions. He put forward a deal to bear forty percent of the expenses for 50-50 partnership in the end. Master had readily agreed to his proposal. When the work started, master spent a huge sum to build this house for his residence. For some months everything was going well. Then one day an engineer arrived and told that according to the blueprints the land bought for the building is not enough. So master decided to buy some more land. There were houses of three farmers in the land that was required. When master offered to buy their land, they refused. Then master offered them double the price of the land. Two of them agreed and left their house. But one of them, Bruce Fischer, who lived with his wife and about ten years old twin sons, was stubborn as hell. He even refused to sell his house when master offered to pay thrice the price of the land. In the end master used the help of Fox Smith and Jerry Lane. They used force and finally Bruce agreed for the deal. He left the village next morning with his family. After some days Henry Washington died by falling from his stairs. His eldest son canceled the deal with master as he believed it was a blind shot. Master was left very less money that time to continue the project. So finally master dropped the Idea. Since, that day master lived a normal life.”

“Did you ever heard about Bruce’s family after that?” Eric queried.

“Yes we did. Misses Fischer was found dead floating in the river by some farmers of nearby village. Bruce was announced wanted for murdering his wife and kids. But he was never found.”

“Did misses Fischer died by drowning?” Eric questioned again.

“No. In her postmortem report it was revealed that she was murdered by strangling with barbed wire.” Frank replied.


“The case is almost solved.” Eric said.

Eric and Diana were hiding in front of Jerry Lane’s house. The sun had completely vanished from the sky. Darkness was lurking everywhere except the Jerry’s door where a yellow light was flickering incessantly.

“Will you please tell me what are we doing here?” Diana questioned. “Why is it you never tell me about your plans.”

“You want to know.” Eric asked.

Diana nodded, confused whether there was any other option. Eric looked around, there was no one, only the trees.

“On my first mission, I was assigned to follow Luke skywalker and Han solo.” He stared at Diana’s face and smiled. “Luke was an exorcist whereas Han was a detective. Our mission was to investigate the ghost of Palplatine. Luke and Han were my best friends or you can say the only friends I had that time. One day villagers arrived and told that Palplatine was spotted last time in the center of the forest. Luke and Han went in to hunt him down. They left me in charge at the village. Luke had smiled and told me that they will be back soon. But they never did. Next day we found Luke in the woods with same smile on his face. Actually it was not was Luke what we found. It was only his head hanging on a tree.” Eric stopped and stared into the darkness.

‘Is he crying?’ Diana had wondered.

“Oh…..I am sorry.” Diana spoke finally. “I never thought…..”

“It’s alright.” Eric explained.

It was this time when Diana spotted something moving behind the trees in the darkness about hundred meters away.

“Hush! There is someone else here.” She said.


“There” She pointed to a tall broad tree. A figure in the darkness was lingering near the tree.

“Pass me the thermal sensor.” Eric ordered. Diana drew out thick metallic eyeglasses from her backpack.

“It’s our ghost.” Eric confirmed after wearing them. The figure in the darkness was really a human being.

“What should we do now?” Diana questioned.

“Now we arrest him.” Eric answered. “Follow me.”

Eric and Diana commenced forward in crouching position. Eric was moving ahead, using the dark shades of the trees to cover himself. They had crossed almost half the distance when Eric somehow slipped a little and startled the ghost.

“Put your hands up. Or I will shoot.” Eric announced holding his gun pointed at the ghost. The ghost considered it best to run away. He turned back and started sprinting. “Diana throw me a Stinger.”

Diana checked the backpack and pulled a hand size cylindrical pipe of blue color. Her hands were shaking, maybe of the excitement or the fear. She threw the cylindrical pipe or one can say stinger, towards Eric. He on catching it mid air, pressed a button on its top, twisted it and fragmented into halves. The ghost was still running, trying to vanish in the darkness of the forest. Eric tossed out the fragments in the ghost’s direction. Luckily, they fell near his feet. The moment they touched the ground there was a flash of lightning. Many waves of electric current escaped through the fragments and lashed out on the ghost. He fall down the very moment.

“That’s not a stinger. It’s a shockwave.” Eric replied after noticing the current incident. “Now, I really doubt you are a state topper.”

The ghost was on the ground, struggling to stand up. When he was successful in putting pressure on his feet, Eric was standing on his head. “Not so fast Mr Baker or I would say Mr Fischer.” Eric said and punched the ghost in the face. He fall unconscious at once. Only then did Diana realized that the the ghost lying down unconscious was non other than Alan Baker.


When Alan came to his senses he was in a room of an old house filled with villagers. He realized his game was over.

“My name is Alex. Alex Fischer. Alan is my twin brother.” He started speaking. “We lived here ten years ago with father and mother. We had a little land but my father always kept us happy. He was even going to send us both to the school of Adleburg. And one day, a rich man arrived at our door. He told my father to sell the land. my father wanted no trouble and agreed but when that man told he was only going to pay half the price my father refused. My family would have never survived with half the price of the land. The rich man, you know him as Joseph William, planned to use force to break my fathers strong will. He send two thugs at my house one night. That day my father came home tired at night, because for the whole day he was fencing the land. The two thugs arrived just after father. They started beating him that very moment. My mother locked us in our rooms. Alan always had been soft hearted one. He started crying, but I didn’t. When I peeped trough the keyhole I saw the thugs were forcing my father to sign on the papers they had brought. My mother was at their knees begging for mercy. They cut my father’s left hand with a butchering knife. But my father Still not signed the papers. Actually, he was dead. As one of the thugs started cursing the other for killing him. But it was too late. My father was dead and my mother was looking at his dead body with utter shock. The thugs then grabbed the barbed wire my father had brought home and strangled my mother at that very moment. I and Alan ran into the forest and kept wandering for many days. We were going to starve to death when we arrived at Adleburg. There were learned to survive. We did everything for our survival because I wanted revenge. Alan hadn’t seen anything what happened to our parents, but I did. And could never have forgiven them for it.”

“That clears your motive.” Eric said. He had been standing in the crowd listening to his story very attentively. “But how you fooled the villagers of a fake ghost.”

“I used clone illusionism with real assets. The ghost villagers saw was just a projection but the wires were real.” Alex replied. “I had to injure my brother’s leg so that the villager’s don’t have a suspicion on us.”

“I see.” Eric replied. “And one more question. Why there were only footprints of you entering the garden but leaving it.”

“You did your investigation very thoroughly I guess.” Alex stated with a smile. “The servant and the watchman had already reached the garden the time I climbed that window. They didn’t see me so I managed to climb to the roof and left on the other side.”

“That settles all my questions.” Eric began. “Now as for you, I have informed the state about the case and they will reach the village by tomorrow. Until then, these villagers will take care of you.”

Eric started walking towards the gate and stopped and turned back. “And don’t worry about Jerry Lane.” He spoke “I will see to it that he pays for his crimes.”

Next day the police arrived and arrested Alex and Alan along with Jerry Lane. The mission was complete and now Eric and Diana were heading back to the headquarter.

“How did come know that Alan and his brother were behind this.” Diana asked.

“It was simple. Frank told Joseph had offered Bruce three times the price of the land.” Eric started explaining. “No one in his right senses would decline that offer. And, Joseph had invested all his money in the hotel and his mansion, so how on earth he planned to pay such huge amount to some poor farmers. You remember the details of Joseph’s murder Frank gave. He told master was begging forgiveness from the ghost. That means the ghost was not completely a stranger.”

“That makes sense.” Diana realized.

“Furthermore, Frank told that Bruce had twin sons.” Eric continued. “Alex and Alan lived in this village for a month by hiding the fact they twin brothers.”

“It was really a simple case.” Diana said. She noticed Eric didn’t liked that as he had been awake for last two days to solve it. So she added. “But a tricky one.”

“Yeah sure it was.” Eric agreed.

“There is one other thing I wanted to ask.” Diana said.

“What is it?” Eric approved.

“What happened to Han.”

“Han? who”

“Han! Han Solo. Your friend.”

When Eric realized what she was talking about he started laughing. He kept on laughing for a long time.

“You really believed it.” Eric said trying to control his laughter. “It was a story I just made on the spot to pass some time. Oh…. poor Diana you are so naive. Now I am Sure the you aren’t the state topper.”