Old Lady's House

The Old Lady’s House

-Mark, pick up your stuff, you are fired!!!

Those were the last words Mark heard, before leaving the office. He worked there cleaning the windows. Even though he was good enough to stay there during two years, because the rest of them were fired after the first year, it was about time to leave, and Mark knew this. He returned to his neighborhood, where he has been since years ago. He walked looking at the ground, thinking of what he was about to do, knowing he had to find another job, accepting that this was not going to be as easy as it used to be, and then he felt a glance upon him; he knew where that had come from. An old lady, with a small body, and really lighted eyes, was looking at him, while he passed by her house. Mark didn’t stop feeling that glance until he got to his house. When opening his door, his neighbor told him.

-You felt it, right?

-Did I feel what? –asked Mark.

-You felt her –pointing at the old lady.

-Oh, you mean…

-Yes, be careful with her, I tell you.

-Why, what happened?

-Well, when I was a little kid, she used to be around 80 years old. Now I am 35 years old and she has been the same.

-That’s ridiculous, but, that’s the only thing I need to know, I don’t see anything harmful in there.

Mark didn’t want to believe what the guy had to say. Ever since Marked moved in, he had barely spoken with the people inside that neighborhood; he didn’t know much that guy he was talking too.

-No, that’s not the only thing, there’s a sort of legend around the neighborhood about her, it is said that everyone who has got into her house had never come out again.

-What? No, I don’t believe that.

-Well, believe it, because it’s true. She usually needs someone to clean the entire house, as you see, it’s really big; I don’t know how she can maintain it herself, but every cleaner that has gone in has disappeared and no one has known anything from them anymore.

-And they just disappeared, just like that? –Mark asked.

-Yeah, and no one knows what’s happening inside.

-You must be kidding, anyways, I need to get in, I’ve got things to do.

Mark closed his door, went to his bedroom, and laid down for a while, he was thinking about the possible places he could go, he didn’t have any money; he had more important things to do than thinking about that old lady. A couple of minutes passed and he slept until the very next day.

When he woke up, he was surprised, he couldn’t believe he was able to sleep that much, but he stood up, got dressed, and left his house; he had some places in mind and he would go to see if they were hiring. When he passed by the old lady’s house, he heard a voice, a very weak voice calling him.

-Hey, you, hey young man –she said.

Mark stopped; he remembered what his neighbor said a day before. He turned around and looked at the lady. Mark felt she was certainly old and she exuded certain smell and atmosphere that was impossible to describe, but it wasn’t good.

-I need someone to… To clean my house, I know you are looking for some money; I have tons as you see for I myself bought this house, would you like to work here?

-I need to go now, lady, but I’ll think of your offer and I’ll give you an answer soon, thank you.

And Mark left. He certainly felt something strange there. He didn’t believe anything relating urban legends, but this time he was a little startled and he didn’t want to admit it, he was willing to find another job, before accepting that.

Three hours later, he was standing in front of the lady’s house saying:

-Yes, lady, I accept, when do I start?

-Tomorrow, my lovely man.


The first day he left that house, he certainly believed it was just an urban legend, because the lady was incredible nice. The house wasn’t very dirty, so he didn’t have to make a huge effort to clean everything. The house had four floors, but when he went to the fourth one, he felt a malignant atmosphere, as someone was there, even though he was alone. He got paid, a considerable amount of money, and the lady told him:

-You’ll be back tomorrow, won’t you?

-Of course! -Answered Mark-, have a nice day!

Mark had some nightmares that very day, he saw a young woman chasing him, while he was in a forest. But, he was old enough to stop paying attention to nightmares and, when he woke up, he went directly to the lady’s house.

When he stopped there, it was weird for him to see that the lady wasn’t waiting for him, and the door was opened. He still went in and looked for his tools. He spent, in the first floor, two hours, and he decided to go the fourth floor, but then things changed; it was completely dark, and the door he opened closed instantly.


He screamed, but there was an absolute silence. Suddenly he heard a step, two lights appeared, and a young woman, in the middle of the darkness showed up; he recognized those lighted eyes, but he couldn’t digest that that woman wasn’t old anymore.


-Hey! How have you been? –Said Tom.

Tom was Mark’s neighbor.

-Have you seen Mark lately?

-Not really, why? –answered Fred-, the last thing I knew was that he was working for that old lady, you know.

-Oh… Of course, you know how those things are, don’t you?


They changed their conversation instantly; nothing important had happened; some screamings were heard, but they disappeared, as well as Mark from everyone’s memories, while the old lady still smiled.