The Tribe

-It was the best idea, wasn’t it? –Said Dan.

-Yes, it was, I can’t complain –answered Alexa. There was something strange in her voice, she was scared of something.

-Are you okay, Alexa? You’re looking at everywhere and it’s making me feel nervous –asked Anthony.

-Yes, I am… I’m okay. It just that… I don’t know, it’s the first time I come to the forest, during the night.

-But, we’re having a good time –answered Dan-. Don’t worry about it; forget about your thoughts, please.

Dan was playing the guitar. They arrived during the afternoon and while they made their tents, and looked for the food they brought, Alexa looked for some logs, to make the bonfire. This was Anthony’s idea; they were his best friends and they had lots of time without hanging around together. The three of them wanted to go to the forest and, knowing Anthony knew a little about camping, he made the plan and all of them agreed to make it real. But, still, Alexa felt a little uneasy.

All of them knew, included Alexa, that she was kind of skeptical about everything, she believed and was scared of ghosts and weird creatures.

-Calm down, Alexa, everything will be fine! –Said Anthony.

But, at that very moment, Alexa opened her eyes quickly.

-Did you hear that, guys? –She asked.

Anthony and Dan looked at each other, they were worried about her, but Dan thought at heart that that place had a strange atmosphere, something that wasn’t normal. Anthony was the only one who didn’t want to accept it, even though at heart he wasn’t as confident as he said to be.

They were surrounding the bonfire, and Alexa was next to the tent.

-Guys, I am really sorry, I…

But she couldn’t continue talking because the tent was instantly wounded by an arrow.

The three of them were completely in silence, and then Anthony screamed: “Pick up your stuff and let’s go.” Dan thought he was hurrying but that didn’t last one second because they turned their heads and they saw them, the saw five human beings almost naked, with their faces painted with red, running towards them.

-MOVE!!! –Anthony screamed.

Dan grabbed Alexa’s hand and they started running towards the main path of the forest. None of them realized something but they ran getting in the deepest part of the forest, they had to disappear from the tribe’s sight. Anthony was the fastest one and he was guiding Dan and Alexa towards where they should go.

-Alexa, come on! –Screamed Anthony.

She released Dan’s hand because she couldn’t run very well, and the fear she was feeling was letting her behind. Anthony and Dan were about to stop but they heard unintelligible screamings from humans they have never seen before.

Dan and Anthony repeated: “Alexa!!!” But they had to leave, because the forest’s tribe was already grabbing Alexa’s feet and there was nothing to do about it. While Anthony and Dan ran, they felt themselves guilty because they have lost their best friend.

Fortunately, they left the red humans behind and got themselves into some trees that worked as a sort of shelter.

-What was that!? –Asked Anthony.

-I don’t know, it seemed like a sort of tribe living in here, I don’t know if it was a joke or something like that but… God! They have Alexa with them!

They have heard Alexa’s screamings before, but they wouldn’t forget them that night.

-We can’t stay in here, let’s walk.

They started walking among several trees that were surrounding them; they had to look for a place where nobody could find them. After some minutes they did it. Anthony was fast enough to pick up his bag. He didn’t tell anyone but he had brought a dagger with him in order to defend himself.

-I didn’ know you…

-Shhh, I know I should have told you, I always bring one with me but this can save us, you know?

-Are you planning to kill them? –Asked Dan.

-If we don’t do it, who’s going to do it?

-I know but… I am just really afraid.

-There’s no time to be afraid, we ought to do something or we will die in here. I don’t want to die like Alexa. Have you seen those guys? They didn’t talk to Alexa or anything; they just went straight up to possible… Oh God, I don’t want to imagine.

-So, what’s the plan? –Asked Dan.

Anthony brought up a map. He pointed out where they were, they were next to the main path, in the middle of some trees. There were certain zones where people can hide but these zones are filled with trees.

-If we are fast enough, we can hide ourselves behind some trees; they might be looking at the main path because it’ll be easier but we will basically stay out of their sight. If we follow this, we we’ll near the entrance.

Dan didn’t get time to answer because a spear was thrown and it missed, just by a few inches, Dan’s head.

-Run!!! –Screamed Anthony.

They passed some trees. It was really hard for them to run because of the roots under them. After certain minutes, the weird voice disappeared, everything was silent and Anthony got to see who was chasing them.

-Look! It’s just one of them… -Whispered to Dan.

This human had an arrow and looked everywhere, Dan showed up in front of him and Anthony quickly grabbed the neck and sliced it fast. They hid themselves behind the trees waiting for the rest. Dan’s head was about to explode, and Anthony’s hand was filled with blood.

They continued walking and got to a zone with different bushes and gravel, it looked like another world. They both feared they were lost.

-Look! –Whispered Dan to Anthony.

Right in front of them there was a man, another one, watching for them in case they appear, but in that moment, Anthony did the same and sliced his neck with the dagger. They both looked around and there was nobody there. They went to the main path and started running.

They both couldn’t believe what they were living, it seemed like an awful and dreadful nightmare. Anthony never thought he was going to kill someone, a human being, but he knew those things could not be any sort of human being.

Running fast, they visualized the entrance, right at the end of the road. They looked at each other and ran there, as fast as they could, their heartbeats were increased, and the only thing they looked at was the entrance, and the street. Anthony was absorbed by this view, and he completely forgot Dan.

Just a few more steps and they will be out, but a giant man, grabbing a spear with both hands appeared and, without hesitation, tried to kill him. Anthony closed his eyes, he thought it was going to be the end, but nothing happened, because he opened his eyes and saw the man surprised, mumbling unintelligible things and falling slowly. Behind him there was Dan, looking at the man he just killed.

-Let’s go –they both said, and left the hell they got in.


Alexa’s funeral happened the very next day. They felt sorry they couldn’t save her.

-She’s now resting in peace –Anthony said. And they both smiled.